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Get to know Sky Blue FC's social media queen, Rachel Breton

Rachel Breton has a big personality, and her social media reflects her desire to spread positivity to everyone around.

Rachel Breton after training on 6/2/16
Rachel Breton after training on 6/2/16
Nicole Russo

Rachel Breton, 25, is defender/striker for Sky Blue FC. She isn't currently on the full roster but is an amateur player who trains and practices with the team and may be called up when needed. Breton strives to make a difference in the lives of others and to be the best teammate she can be, on and off the pitch. S

Recently Breton has become well known for her Instagram videos, which she started making to fulfill a New Year's resolution to use her Go Pro camera more often. She wants to show the fans more about the players and the team that has become family. Her tweets are uplifting, inspirational and sometimes funny. Breton doesn't do negativity, and her social media reflects that.

Once a Metro: What is your favorite part of social media?

Rachel Breton: I actually hate social media, ironically.  I feel that we, as a society, have lost our touch.  We no longer need to keep in touch or ask anything because it is publicly displayed through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.  However, we must always adapt, so I use social media as a tool to brighten people's days, motivate, express, create.  It's like my way of saying, "I'm doing this, so can you -- join me." So, I guess my favorite part is that I can touch others and express it via laughter, videos and photography, capturing the beauty in my daily life and sharing it with others.

Are you coming tomorrow or nah? @skybluefc #sbfc #nwsl #beezup #runningman

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OaM: Seeing as you are a professional athlete, what do you feel is the importance of being on social media?

RB: I think fortunately and unfortunately, being a professional or something on a higher tier puts you on that pedestal for people to listen, watch, learn, mimic, etc.  I think social media can be the elixir for someone to be influenced in a positive light.  Seeing what one supports, getting their motivation or inspiration for the day and holding themselves to the standard of their role model.  We are in a social media generation; why not use it for good?

OaM: You said that you prefer to have face to face interaction with people.  Do you feel that social media helps you make those face to face connections with fans?

RB: I do actually, because you cannot meet every fan out there. Though we try our hardest to make time for everyone, it's hard.  It is a good source to communicate while keeping our boundaries, yet showing our appreciation and love back.

OaM: Do you find social media to be a good networking tool?

RB: At this rate, anything is a good networking tool.  We are all connected and we forget that.  Six degrees of separation does exist, so it's important to no matter what, act like your name is attached to everything you do and do your best always.  Always give your best first impression each time even if it's your best friend.

OaM:  Are you consciously aware of what you put out there, the messages you're sending and the impact they have?

RB: Absolutely, everything I post is either heartwarming, positive, funny, happy, thought provoking or sarcastic.  So basically I post my personality. [Laughs].  There are two ways to look at life: as if it is a gift or as it is a given.  I consider myself so, so blessed to be alive, healthy and well. We need to remind each other that life can be taken away at any moment, so just experience the light of joy with each other and with the daily bread you are given for each day.

OAM:  What are your goals in life and on social media?

RB: I wish to be legendary. Legendary is subjective, but [to me], legendary would mean that I touch, change, save lives daily.  Whether it be through a smile, through spending time, anything.  We are told that we can't change the world, but said who?  Why can't we be life changers?  I think we forget that being human is such a very powerful thing.  I, just through my words, my hugs, my love, my emotion, my expression, my anything, can change you for something good.  Why would I not use that tool daily? Why would I ever choose hate over love, anger over bliss, frustration over patience, sadness over joy?  It's all perspective and I hope to show everyone I come across those very things.  Social media is just my scrapbook of accomplishments of joy I had and wish to share with others.