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Report: New York Red Bulls' Bradley Wright-Phillips "definitely interested" in playing for Jamaica

That is about as enthusiastic as BWP has allowed himself to be in public about the idea of playing for the Reggae Boyz.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kristian Dyer, a man of many hats and many scoops, reports for MSG that Bradley Wright-Phillips has not given up on the idea of playing international soccer for Jamaica.

This is two scoops in one. Not only is it a surprise to learn that there might still be life in the notion of BWP suiting up for the Reggae Boyz, but "definitely interested" is arguably an advance on the less-committed "definitely open" he offered last November. And it is a lot more enthusiastic than "I'll think about it" - which was his response to Dyer in January.

If BWP ever does play for Jamaica, someone should thank Kristian Dyer for keeping both player and country on each other's radars.

Also revealed in Dyer's brief exchange with the New York Red Bulls' forward: it might be BWP who is holding the process up. "I definitely want to sort out the paperwork I need to sort out so at least the option is there," Wright-Phillips told MSG.

That would imply he isn't technically eligible to play for Jamaica at the moment because he hasn't produced the necessary documentation.

The good news for BWP's renewed enthusiasm for international soccer is that he has plenty of time: after whatever happens in the ongoing Copa America (it's not going well for the Reggae Boyz at the moment), the next big games for Jamaica are September's World Cup qualifiers.

And the Reggae Boyz do still seem to need someone to provide regular goals. BWP was just named MLS Player of the Month because he scores many goals.

It is an open question as to whether Winfried Schafer would be willing to roll the dice on an unproven (in the context of Jamaica's squad and international soccer in general) player for the games that will decide if his team retains an interest in World Cup qualifying into 2017.

A lot can happen between now and September for the Reggae Boyz and for BWP. For now, the RBNY player has some paperwork to attend to.