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Reports: Oscar Romero confirms MLS bid; Racing holding out for $9 to 10 million

Seems like the rumored bid from MLS is real enough, but still no real word on which club is behind it.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Oscar Romero - a highly-rated attacking player from Paraguay - has the rumor mill spinning at top speed. Currently attached to Racing Club in Argentina, the most persistent gossip has linked Romero with a move to Brazilian side Fluminense. Oscar's twin, Angel, plays for Corinthians, so a move to at least be in the same country as his brother is attractive to the rumor mill.

The Romero-to-Fluminense rumor is fast-moving, with one or two offers from the Brazilian club having been knocked back by Racing over the last few days. Some reports suggest there has already been a third submitted, approaching the Argentine team's valuation of around $10 million for the player.

Also allegedly circling the Paraguayan is Bundesliga's Hertha BSC, though the German club's offer was rejected in principle by Racing Club president Victor Blanco (who told Argentine outlet Ole a rumored $8 million bid would not be accepted).

And there is the persistent rumor of MLS interestSounder At Heart has reasons to believe the Seattle Sounders might be the club behind the rumored $8 million interest from MLS (also pre-rejected by Victor Blanco, incidentally). tacks the New York Red Bulls on to the rumor for no discernible reason at all. Romero does fit RBNY's presumed transfer market profile: he's relatively young (just turned 24 this month) and he's an attacking player (the Red Bulls have a known interest in finding help up front).

But Racing is believed to be holding out for a $9 to $10 million transfer fee, and that would be a big surprise from any MLS team. RBNY has shown a willingness to pay (much smaller) fees for talent from the Argentine league in the recent past: Gonzalo Veron was said to have cost the Red Bulls little over $2 million to acquire from San Lorenzo.

Romero himself told Paraguayan radio station ABC Cardinal that he was aware of an offer from MLS - so perhaps we can take the existence of an offer to be true at the very least. But the player also said he didn't know which club in MLS was behind the bid, and that he is comfortable at Racing.

The rumor mill doesn't seem likely to let go of this one any time soon.