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Report: Leicester City's Christian Fuchs expects to play professional soccer when he moves to New York

He's not due to go anywhere until 2018, but we have an eye on you, Christian.

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Leicester City's Christian Fuchs has made no secret of his intention to move to America to be with his family once his latest contract expires. That isn't until 2018, so no immediate need to think about it: file this one under "things the rumor mill will be talking about in a couple of years".

In a piece for about Fuchs' work with his Fox Soccer Academy, Brendan Krisel reports Fuchs intends to continue his work with his academy - and he also "plans on playing professional soccer".

"Pro soccer player plans on playing pro soccer in 2018" isn't the most compelling headline, and Fuchs of course can play professional soccer anywhere in America he chooses. But currently his family lives in New York and he might reasonably be expected to settle in the area. So where might he play in 2018?

The obvious answer is New York City Football Club. Fuchs will be a sprightly 32 in 2018: an academy prospect, by the current standards of NYCFC. The Yankee Stadium tenants currently favor a starting lineup that features 35-year-old keeper Josh Saunders, Andoni Iraola and David Villa (both 34), Andrea Pirlo (37) and Frank Lampard (38).

Or he might find a regular start with New York Cosmos. The NASL powerhouse makes a habit of keeping a few international-class players on its roster.

He isn't an obvious fit for the New York Red Bulls, who tend to prioritize youth and potential over experience and proven ability. But Fuchs is Austrian - and RBNY has Austrian ownership. And he was signed by Schalke during Ralf Rangnick's brief second stint as head coach of the Bundesliga club in 2011.

We have no idea if RBNY will still be following RalfBall guidelines by the end of this season, let alone in 2018. But if Red Bull and RalfBall still have a presence in Harrison in a couple of years (and there is no great reason to believe they won't), expect the rumor mill to start match-making Fuchs with all three of New York's pro teams in about 18 months.

H/T: Redditor MarcTorrence