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Report: Christian Fuchs wants to play for New York Cosmos, not Red Bulls, after Leicester City stint ends

SBI's Ryan Tolmich is shooting down RBNY rumors that weren't due for another 18 months.

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For the sake of completeness and the fact that the rumor mill is going to make a lot of noise about Christian Fuchs' move to the USA in about 18 months or so, let us note the fact that the Leicester City defender has gone on the record about the American team he wants to play for - and it is not the New York Red Bulls.

The Austrian told he intended to play professionally in the USA once his contract with Leicester is up in 2018. His family lives in New York, so that strongly suggested he was thinking of suiting up for one of NYC's three pro teams: RBNY, NYCFC, or the Cosmos.

SBI's Ryan Tolmich got Fuchs to be more specific: it's the Cosmos.

What I want to do is to stay in New York and play for one of the clubs here. If they would take me, I like the New York Cosmos. They have a great history and my friend, Raul, played there.

Ceaselessly speculative Once A Metro couldn't help but take note of the fact that Fuchs played for Schalke at a time when Ralf Rangnick - the most influential man in the Red Bull global soccer family - was coaching at the club. But so did Raul.

Turns out it is Raul rather than RalfBall that has Fuchs' attention. Good to know.