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Preview: New York Red Bulls II march on to Cincinnati

Would Cincinnatus be a viable Presidential candidate? Should America have just made Daniel Boone king? More ridiculous questions below.

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images
Instead of harping on again and again about how New York Red Bulls II are second in the league, undefeated for seventy million games, and are looking like the most dangerous team in the United Soccer League, I have chosen to do something different with today's preview. I could reiterate the same narratives over and over, trying to evolve the same storylines through hollow rhetoric, but, instead, I have decided to give you some things to think about as you watch tonight's game.
Ten Things to consider when watching tonight's game:

What exactly is the USL's ceiling? How much does having MLS second team's lower that ceiling?

Which one of 'Speedy' Williams, Dan Metzger, and Tyler Adams are most ready to step up and contribute on the MLS level?

Are the New York Red Bulls misutilizing their USL team by choosing to stock it with players fresh out of college instead of developing numerous teenagers at once?

Will the next great MLS homegrown come through the USL or will they go straight to the first team?

Does Ryan Meara have a future with this club?

Is the popularity of teams like FC Cincinnati and the Sacramento Republic sustainable in a minor league?

Where in the world is Santiago Castaño?

Will John Wolyneic be the next coach of the New York Red Bulls?

How can one assess the team's apparent failure in the signing of Cheikh M'baye? How does this bode for the future?

Has talent or tactics between the main change between last year's team and this?


7:00 pm, Wednesday, July 20th.


Nippert Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

How to watch:

This game will be broadcast on ESPN3.

Predicted starting XI's:

New York Red Bulls II-

Ryan Meara; David Najem, Tim Schmoll, Zach Carroll, Konrad Plewa; 'Speedy' Williams, Tyler Adams, Derrick Etienne, Vincent Bezecourt, Junior Flemmings; Brandon Allen

FC Cincinnati

Hildebrandt; McMahon, Nicholson, Delbridge, Polak; Mohamed, Walker, Bone, McLaughlin; Cummings, Okoli

Predicted scoreline:

1-0 New York. On short rest and with defensive heavyweight Aaron Long suspended, expect to see a less adventurous NYRBII. Brandon Allen will grab the team's lone goal