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New York Red Bulls say goodbye to Lloyd Sam; DC United says "Llyod"

Farewell, Lloyd Sam. You're a Red Bulls legend, now and forever. And you have your work cut out for you at a club that can't even get your name right.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing was quite as surprising about Lloyd Sam's career at the New York Red Bulls as the end of it. Big Apple Soccer's timely rumor - revealing the player was being shopped around by RBNY - cushioned the blow, but the cold truth of his departure still felt abrupt and unexpected.

Sam has been nothing short of a legend for the Red Bulls. His achievements - two Supporters' Shields, 24 goals and 26 assists in all competitions, a Lady Gaga jacket - put him in the elite tier of players for this club. He will not be forgotten. He is already missed by fans...

...and his (former) teammates.

The die has been cast. Sam is on his way to a new team. D.C. United is not a side it will be a thrill to watch him play for, but the man didn't choose this move and has sensibly chosen to make the best of it.

Good luck, Lloyd.

No, really - good luck. You're going to need it. DCU can't even get "hello" right.

If nothing else, Lloyd, maybe you can help them improve their spelling while you're there.