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Report: Agent says Oscar Cardozo will not join Sporting, MLS still an option

Sounds like Cardozo's options are wide open.

EuroFootball/Getty Images

Oscar Cardozo's agent, Pedro Aldave, has already said he doesn't think his client will move to Sporting Clube de Portugal, rivals of Cardozo's old club, Benfica. But that didn't seem to have great impact on the rumor mill, so now he has said it again - with gusto.

In comments to Univision's, Aldave said - per Google Translate - "It is almost impossible to go to Sporting."

Cardozo spent seven seasons at Benfica, scored more than 170 goals in all competitions, won two league titles, a lot of Cups, and two Europa League runners-up medals. Voluntarily moving to Sporting (to reunite with Jorge Jesus, his head coach for most of his time at Benfica) would be a considerably greater breach of inter-club rivalries than the recent decision the New York Red Bulls made to ship veteran winger Lloyd Sam to D.C. United.

So if not Sporting, where?

Emmanuel Quispe's report for FutbolMLS sees no specific club mentioned other than Sporting, but Aldave does say his client has had interest from China and MLS.

It is a curious interview in that Aldave appears almost to be soliciting interest: the agent suggests Cardozo would be willing to walk away from his Trabzonspor contract (which it is said he is currently trying to do) if the right offer comes in from MLS.

On the one hand, the reiteration of the statement that Sporting is not a viable option for Cardozo is encouraging for those MLS clubs rumored to be interested in the player (Real Salt Lake and the New York Red Bulls). Less encouraging is the fact Aldave gives the impression his client is still waiting for the right offer.