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Don't miss out on the pre-game highlight of New York Red Bulls' season: Forza Lucha is back!

Forza Lunch will precede the game versus the Montreal Impact, and will be the official pre-game festivities of the Empire Supporters' Club

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend's game between New York Red Bulls and Montreal Impact will be preceded by something special: the return of Forza Lucha!

For those unaware, it is a charity event that the Empire Supporters' Club hosts annually. The event is unique because it is all centered around... wrestling. While I know that may not sound appealing to many (it did not to me at first) it has become a highlight of the RBNY season.

Essentially the whole wrestling component is a show, which is where the charity part kicks in, as the donation for the event is $10.

This is high entertainment for low budgets. You'll be watching wrestlers as much in character as they are in costume. They play to the crowd, they play in the crowd, and you really don't need to worry too much about any prior knowledge of the rules of this particular game. In a nutshell: there are good guys and bad guys, and they make their allegiances pretty clear from the start. Pick a side and enjoy.

And the Heavenly Bodcast team will be there to explain and narrate.

The action is at times stunningly choreographed, at times seemingly brutally simplistic, and very often hilarious. It's simulated violence played for laughs. Everyone is in on the joke, and everyone is there to have a good time.

It's for a good cause - the Newark-based AIDS Resource Foundation - and it's a great pre-game activity for a (hopefully) solid August home performance from RBNY.

Some quick details:

Location: Rio Lounge - 618 Market St, Newark 07105

Time: 1 pm

Click here for more information.

Do come and enjoy the awesomeness that is Forza Lucha.