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Rumor: Chelsea's Matt Miazga weighing loan offers from Premier League clubs

The former RBNY man is expected to be loaned out by Chelsea this season. We just don't know where he'll be loaned to.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Those New York Red Bulls fans concerned about Matt Miazga's well-being at Chelsea can take encouragement into the weekend: Nizaar Kinsella reports for that the ex-RBNY defender is weighing up loan offers from two Premier League teams.

Safe to say one of them isn't his current club, Chelsea. So that leaves just 19 other options. Catastrophicallyunderstaffed Hull City would seem a likely candidate. We will find out in due course.

Another revealing tidbit from Kinsella's report: Chelsea stalled the rumored (and quickly unrumored) loan bid for Miazga from Eintracht Frankfurt. Reportedly, the club wants its young American to stay in England. And's report suggests Miazga may yet stay in the Premier League, albeit not with the team that signed him away from RBNY.

It should be beyond doubt at this point that Miazga will be loaned out this season. The only questions are where, for how long, and whether the move will see him win the regular playing time his development needs.