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Report: Anatole Abang's move to Denmark is a loan

Doesn't mean he will be back in RBNY colors. But it does mean he isn't gone for good.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kristian Dyer - the scoop king of the RBNY beat - has unearthed some important details on the story of Anatole Abang's reportedly imminent departure from the New York Red Bulls:

Thank you, Mr. Dyer.

As reported by, Abang will be leaving RBNY - to join third-tier Danish outfit BK Avarta, we're told. And then he'll be back.

Maybe. It's not clear what benefit accrues to Abang or RBNY in the third division of Danish soccer that couldn't be achieved in-house with the club's reserve team, NYRB II. So while a loan suggests Abang's days at RBNY are not over, it is certainly curious that he's going all the way to Denmark to get lower league playing time when his current club has a lower-league side for precisely the purpose of developing its young talent.

In some respects, this "loan" looks more like an exile.

Abang's off to Denmark, and we wish him well. A sufficiently talented player to score six goals in under 600 minutes of playing in all competitions in his first season for RBNY, he has conspicuously struggled to get time on the field this season. For the first team, he has managed eight appearances and just 221 minutes in 2016. For NYRB II, he also has a mere eight appearances and 544 minutes, in which time he has scored four goals.

And now he will seek more reliable playing opportunities in the Danish third division.

Further details - including confirmation of the club, the length of the loan, and perhaps some explanation as to why the Red Bulls' existing player development options weren't right for Abang - will likely reveal whether we will see the young Cameroonian international in RBNY colors again.

Update: In his report for Metro (no relation), Kristian Dyer credits an unnamed league source with the news that Abang will join a "top-flight club" in Denmark, and the loan will be for 12 months.

A top-tier team is a more appropriate level of play for Abang, given the potential he has shown to date. A 12-month loan suggests he is indeed being exiled.