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Match Preview: New York Red Bulls II march north to face Toronto FC II

An epic, cross-border battle of II teams lies ahead.

TFCII defender Skylar Thomas hides in fear of NYRBII
TFCII defender Skylar Thomas hides in fear of NYRBII
Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

To begin this match preview I would like to apologize. I would like to apologize because I have conceived this match preview as a modern retelling of America's invasion of Canada in 1775 through the scope of USL soccer players. I realize now that would be crass and unrefined of me. Also, there are few reasons to ever glorify Benedict Arnold's accomplishments as an American soldier. And three, in 1775 (what was to become) America invaded (what was to become) Canada in Quebec and not Ontario. To use this preview for that analogy would not only be irresponsible and insensitive but it would also historically inaccurate. As I said, I sincerely apologize. Onto the preview.

Ahead of their Sunday showdown against USL attendance heavyweights FC Cincinnati, New York Red Bulls II will take on Toronto FC II in a midweek match north of the border. As the team sitting first in the standings and as the first team to qualify for the playoffs, all the pressure is on New York Red Bulls II. Derrick Etienne and Aaron Long seem likely to be back for the team, which should provide New York with a much-needed boost as the playoff-bound II team comes down the stretch with a target firmly attached to its back.

In Toronto FC II, NYRBII will meet an opponent that has been, at best, lackluster this season. The Canadian side has posted a 6-14-5 record, ahead of only Pittsburgh and Montreal in the standings. However, that is not to say Red Bulls II should take this midweek game lightly. Though not quite a trap game, it is these games - and the winning of them - that differentiate a good team from a league champion.


Wednesday, August 24th, at 5:00pm.


Ontario Soccer Center, Ontario, Canada.

How to watch:

The game can be watched online on the USL's YouTube page or here.

Predicted lineups:

NYRBII: Ryan Meara; David Najem, Zach Carroll, Tim Schmoll, Aaron Long; Dan Metzger, Tyler Adams; Derrick Etienne, Vincent Bezecourt, Junior Flemmings; Brandon Allen

Toronto FC II: Cavalluzzo; Taintor, Thomas, Maletic, Osorio; Fraser, Daniels, Babouli, Jobe; Edwards, Hundal

Predicted scoreline


Flemmings, Allen, and Metzger each score one to power New York onwards.