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Feuerstein's Fire #299 on Once a Metro

Welcoming in a new side and discussing the trip to RFK

American Soccer talk with real heart & passion
American Soccer talk with real heart & passion

This show was fun to do this week as I discussed about the new addition coming from the North American Soccer League to Major League Soccer as Bill McGuire's Minnesota United FC will join the league and start their existence at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

Also was excited to make my first trip as a member of the media to RFK Stadium to see the Red Bulls on the Road and I saw why RFK was falling, such a poor state of what that grand stadium use to be. But you need to roll with the punches as next season will be the final season for DC United at RFK

Here are the guests and segments for this edition of the Feuerstein's Fire American Soccer Show.

DISCUSSING MINNESOTA UNITED FC: Joined by Brian Quarstad & Jeff Rueter of Fifty Five .One and Bruce McGuire of dunord as they discuss there NASL side moving up to MLS

NASL SEGMENT: Recapping the next round of games in the 2016 Fall Season
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the 2 goal draw at DC United and Lloyd Sam's first match against the Red Bulls.