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Aurelien Collin on Thierry Henry's new job: "I'm very, very happy for Belgium."

The New York Red Bulls defender has shared his thoughts on TH14's latest move.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Heard the one about Thierry Henry getting a coaching gig with Belgium? It's no joke.

The New York Red Bulls' Aurelien Collin has heard the news, and was asked at RBNY's Friday training session for his thoughts on the appointment:

"I'm very, very happy for Belgium. And it's very great news for Belgian soccer," said the French center back, "Belgium is my neighbor, you know?"

"So, I'm very happy for them," continued Collin, who was a Sporting Kansas City player when Henry was at RBNY, but has been French all his life, "It's going to be very complicated for France, if in the World Cup we arrive in the same group. Because you know Thierry Henry knows a lot about football. And, you know, he's somebody that is always a plus for a team."

UEFA's 2018 World Cup qualifying starts up at the beginning of September, as Collin is well aware: "I'm very happy for Belgium, and I hope they will do great soon in the first eliminatory game."

The center back has no doubt the Red Devils will benefit from having one of soccer's all-time greats on their coaching staff: "They have great strikers, on top of that having Thierry Henry: he could teach some of the players...inside foot. It's great for Belgian football."