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Reports: Omer Damari deal is getting done

Time may be running out, but we're told the deal is done.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

As the East Coast of the United States started to think about dinner on August 3 and the MLS 2016 summer transfer window was clearly more closed than open, it began to feel as though the New York Red Bulls might not get their man.

Austrian Daniel Royer was officially announced as a summer signing in the morning, but the evening arrived without further news of RBNY transfer activity. Perhaps Omer Damari was not going to complete his reported loan from the RB of Lepzig to that of New York.

Not so fast. A slew of Tweets assured RBNY fans that the deal is, in fact, getting done.

The Red Bulls have a CONCACAF Champions League game kicking off at 8:00 pm, and that may take priority over announcing a new player. Maybe we'll get the news today. Maybe it will be saved for tomorrow. But the Damari deal is getting done, we're told.