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Report: Diego Forlan says Diego Forlan will be looking for a new club in December

Consider those Forlan-to-MLS rumors to be on hold, rather than gone forever.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Diego Forlan led the rumor mill on a merry dance this summer, but he's now safely signed with Mumbai City FC for the forthcoming Indian Super League season. No longer do we need fear the threat of Forlan-to-MLS (and New York Red Bulls) rumors. For now.

In his column for The National, Forlan makes his intentions clear:

I do not intend to stop when the Indian Super League, which only lasts for three months this season, finishes before the end of 2016. I’d love to continue playing and I will see which offers appear.

Oh, goody. He'll be back on the market in time for the MLS off-season.

Also of note, the Uruguayan legend explains in his weekly column that he turned down offers from England, Spain and Italy this summer. Forlan likes to travel, as he explains:

Football has allowed me to see the world and in Paz, I have a wife who is keen to see the world with me. She was happy to move to Brazil and Japan. She was also happy to be back in our native Uruguay for the birth of our first child, Martin.

Some players have partners who are not keen to move around. If Paz did not want to, I would not be going to India, but this is a lady who did really well learning Japanese when we lived there, who climbed Mount Fuji without me and who learnt to paint in a Japanese style. She is enthusiastic about moving to India and taking our son with us.

So, why India? It is different, for a start.

Forlan has also never played for a club in the USA, as the rumor mill will doubtless notice in December.

Despite the fact the 37-year-old does not fit the profile of a New York Red Bulls transfer target, Once A Metro is confident those Forlan-to-RBNY rumors will return for the January transfer window. Until then - best of luck in India, Diego.