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Reasons to think Matt Miazga might get his deadline-day loan out of Chelsea

We're rooting for you, Matt.

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Matt Miazga started his career with the New York Red Bulls. He was in the squad that won RBNY's first-ever trophy of any significance: the 2013 Supporters' Shield. And he was a key starter when RBNY won a piece of silverware worth talking about for the second time: the 2015 Supporters' Shield. And then he moved to Chelsea.

He's a Red Bull no more, but he was once a Metro and will be forever. Which is why you will find OaM obsessively following transfer deadline day in England. Miazga's immediate future has no immediate impact on RBNY, but we'd like to see him do well - and we think he can do a little better this season than waiting to see how many Chelsea defenders need to be injured before he can get playing time for his current club.

Matt Miazga needs a loan. Even Antonio Conte thinks so, which is good reason to believe Matt Miazga will be loaned out for this season.

Unfortunately, there is also a good reason to think he won't: the transfer window closes at 11:30 pm (UK time) on August 31. He doesn't have much time, and a report has suggested he won't be going anywhere if Chelsea doesn't manage to land the defensive reinforcements it is seeking.

There is no longer an "emergency loan" mechanism for parachuting fringe players from Premier League squads to the Football League. There is no separate deadline for loans. If Miazga is going anywhere but Chelsea's Cobham training ground this season, he needs to go now.

Fortunately for Miazga, there are a couple of reasons to be cheerful about his chances of making a move on transfer deadline day.

First: Kenedy has been loaned out. The report suggesting Miazga was stuck at Chelsea until or unless reinforcements arrived also mentioned the young Brazilian was a potential victim of the same policy. But Kenedy has finally had his long-rumored loan to Watford confirmed. He's out.

Kenedy's move might be good news for Miazga because it could signal the alleged policy keeping him locked down at Chelsea is perhaps not as rigid as suggested, if it exists at all.

Unfortunately, it more likely simply means that Marcos Alonso will land at Chelsea on transfer deadline day. Kenedy was probably allowed to leave because the position he was being kept around to cover has been filled. Still, if Chelsea got one of its problems solved before the deadline, maybe it can get another one figured out too. Either way, Kenedy's move is positive: it is possible for the stragglers to get out on loan before the window closes.

The second reason Miazga might have to be cheerful about his prospects: Chelsea is still being linked to the sort of players that would allow a young American center back to go find somewhere else to play for a season. There is little appetite for the rumor suggesting David Luiz might be on his way back to Stamford Bridge, but it is out there.

And there is a little more credibility given to the story that Conte might be trying to get Angelo Ogbonna out of West Ham.

Miazga is said to have Premier League clubs waiting for him, if he is allowed to leave. Be patient, Matt: deadline day could be good to you.