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New York Red Bulls confirm Omer Damari loan from RB Leipzig

It is officially official. Again.

Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images

Omer Damari's loan to the New York Red Bulls has been repeatedly confirmed, including an official farewell from RB Leipzig. RBNY finally added its voice to the crowd with a 9:00 am press release announcing the arrival of the Israeli forward.

The release confirms Damari will occupy a Designated Player spot on RBNY's roster. And it also confirms that he is on loan until the end of the MLS season.

Damari will then, we assume, take his chances with the January transfer window. There is always a chance he settles in at RBNY and the club reaches some sort of agreement with Leipzig to make the loan permanent. But for now, Damari's move looks like a short-term solution for all three parties involved.

Leipzig's interests are better served if Damari is playing first team soccer somewhere, hopefully making himself an attractive transfer target. RBNY needs competition and support for Bradley Wright-Phillips up front. And Damari's career benefits more from playing in MLS than playing for RB Leipzig's reserves.

The 27-year-old has already proven he can score heavily in the right set-up. Neither RB Leipzig nor Salzburg proved the right set-up. If he can get back to his best form at RBNY, he'll help himself and his new club immensely.

Best of luck in New York, Omer.