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New York Red Bulls Player Ratings v LA Galaxy: Davis, Veron valiant as refs rob Marsch and co.

In the first half the Red Bulls fought a losing battle against their own fitness. In the second half they fought valiantly against the referees and were forced to settle for a point.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A mere look at the final score would indicate the Red Bulls got a tough point against a top-five MLS team. What none of the stats indicate is just how much of a fustercluck the game became.

Early injuries to Connor Lade, Damien Perrinelle and Bradley Wright-Phillips hamstrung Jesse Marsch's gameplan (no pun intended). Then after taking a 2-0 lead, some dreadful officiating prevented the team from potentially increasing their lead late in the game, and in the final 10 minutes two LA goals forced the Red Bulls to settle for a point.

It was arguably the gutsiest performance by any Red Bulls team this year, and few if any of the players can truly claim culpability in failing to secure the victory.

Here are the New York Red Bulls player ratings from the August 8 match against LA Galaxy:

Luis Robles - 7. First goal wasn't Robles' entire fault, but he played too aggressively on the Galaxy equalizer.

Connor Lade - 6. Solid yet unremarkable performance for Lade, who - in a common theme - was forced out early via injury

Damien Perrinelle - 7. Strong performance from DP before a brutal injury ended his day.

Ronald Zubar - 7.5. Brilliant first half block by Zubar with his foot that saved a goal.

Kemar Lawrence - 7. Played through a ton of pain, but it looks like Lawrence is back on track

Sean Davis - 8.5 (MVP). Davis demonstrated that he has a strong future with this team with a very good performance today

Felipe - 7.5. Great effort by Felipe, who was credited with assists on both goals and was hard as hell to defend.

Mike Grella - 7.5. Played a big role in the Davis goal and was otherwise tough as nails out there

Alex Muyl - 8. Should have been awarded a penalty when Brian Rowe charged into his leg, not to mention the various other knocks he received throughout the game.

Sacha Kljestan - 8. Played a massive role in helping the Red Bulls get out in front against the Galaxy

Bradley Wright-Phillips - 5.5. Too banged up throughout the match to make an impact. Forced out early in the second half due to injury.


Aurelien Collin - 7. Collin Did most of the dirty work in place of the injured Perrinelle, and made plenty of solid clearances.

Sal Zizzo - 6.5 Any day where Zizzo's name isn't used often or in derogatory fashion is a good one for Zizzo.

Gonzalo Veron - 8. A brilliant goal from Veron to the delight of everyone. He earned a penalty kick even if the referee didn't believe it.

Now the Red Bulls head home - bloodied, frustrated, but with sufficient confidence in their depth that they can hold things down while the stars recover.

The Montreal Impact will not show mercy in the midst of this bitter struggle for positioning in the Eastern Conference though...