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Pass the hat around for New York Red Bulls' head coach Jesse Marsch

Some RBNY supporters are gearing up to pay down Jesse's fines.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Jesse Marsch was ejected from the New York Red Bulls' game against the LA Galaxy. An event he took in his stride:

Post-game, Marsch spoke to the frustrations that got him kicked out of the match, and may yet see him fined by the league for his actions on the sidelines:

I've got a group of players that's confused. I've got a club that's confused and that's where my mind is right now, it's with those guys. I think we're all having a hard time understanding how this is happening and why. It's just going to make us stronger.

We're going to find a way to get stronger. We can't dwell on it; we just have to understand it. I think it's obvious for everyone else to see. The whole league is watching tonight. I think everybody can see that it's painful. It's painful. But again, we can't dwell on it or whine about it or make excuses or whatever, but it is perplexing. It is perplexing. It's confusing and it's hard to understand.

Perplexing and confusing indeed, Jesse.

As Marsch seeks to pick the players up from yet another frustrating road trip, he may also have to face the consequences of his actions on the field. The league's Disciplinary Committee will likely be in touch.

Almost as soon as RBNY's head coach was sent off, there were offers to support what has become his near-weekly campaign against the league's uneven refereeing standards.

Once A Metro does not recommend you throw your money at strangers on the internet. But we're not going to try to stop you either. (Though, you know, be smart about online solicitations.)