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Reports: New York Red Bulls deny rumored contact with Fiorentina's Giuseppe Rossi

Didn't take long for RBNY to squash this one.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Surprisingly, in the midst of a busy day of injury news and introducing new signings, the New York Red Bulls found time to comment on a transfer rumor.

The suggestion that RBNY has an active interest in Giuseppe Rossi wasn't particularly convincing when it was revealed by It is less convincing now Jesse Marsch has told reporters: "There's been no contact between us."

Empire of Soccer gamely tried prop up this sagging story, characterizing Ali Curtis' comments on the matter as "deflective" and "evasive". One might equally suggest the RBNY Sporting Director was simply trying to avoid getting into the habit of knocking back every bright idea the rumor mill brings forward:

What I would say is I don’t like to comment on the rumors of different players. But we’re linked with a lot of different players at a lot of different times. We’re always in the market looking for players. When there’s something to talk about with those guys we’ll talk about it.

Of course, if Curtis was hoping to wean reporters off the expectation of a straight answer to questions about transfer rumors, he probably should have taken a moment to get Jesse Marsch on the same page.

The RBNY head coach has flatly denied the rumor, which is good to know.

Over in Italy, the first wave of reports on the Rossi-to-RBNY gossip are mere echoes of David Ruiz's original story.

A rumor can survive a direct denial from one or even both of the parties involved: the rumor mill was undeterred by the fact that RBNY and Diego Forlan had each said there was nothing happening between them, causing the Red Bulls to deny the story a second time. We'll see if the Rossi whispers are similarly resilient.