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Report: The New York Red Bulls do not have Gaelic football star, Jamie Clarke, on trial

Farewell, favorite RBNY rumor of all time.

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Rumor-buster Kristian Dyer reports for Big Apple Soccer that the New York Red Bulls absolutely, categorically, and without question do not - NOT - have Gaelic football star Jamie Clarke on trial.

"Maybe he's in New York. I have not seen him," said RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch to BAS.

And before you start thinking maybe reserve team head coach John Wolyniec has been sneaking Clarke into training with NYRB II and getting him to hide behind (6' 6") Tim Schmoll whenever Marsch comes over to see what's happening - the report is very clear: Marsch says no; "a team spokesman" says no.

Jamie Clarke is not on trial with the New York Red Bulls.

And unless the Irish News has anything to add to its original report, that is end of that. Whatever else Jamie Clarke does with his time in New York, he won't be playing for the Red Bulls. Nor does was he ever even trying to do so, it would seem.