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New York Red Bulls II set a new points record in USL

The USL regular season title has been claimed, and NYRB II is now working its way toward a string of USL regular season records.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls II have won the USL's regular season title. Now they are chasing a few USL regular season records.

The past weekend's 1-1 draw with Rochester Rhinos ensured that NYRB II won't be breaking the Rhinos USL record for shutouts. Rochester posted 17 clean sheets in 2015; NYRB II has 15 to date in 2016: with two games left to play, the best the Back-up Bulls can do is tie that record.

And the draw means NYRB II has not yet broken the USL record for league wins; a record (19) it currently shares with Orlando.

The goal scored means they are now just two goals shy of breaking Orlando City's league record for goals scored in the regular season. But it also means NYRB II will break that record (and it should be considered surprising if the record is not broken) by the simple virtue of having more games to play than Orlando did in 2014. OCSC scored 56 goals in 28 games that season; NYRB II has 55 goals in 28 games so far.

The point gained against Rochester does give NYRB II ownership of the USL record for regular season points. History will quickly forget the circumstances: for however long the Red Bulls have the record, there will be doubtless be those who note it was achieved in a 30-game season, supplanting a record set by Orlando in a 28-game season.

So let us note that NYRB II didn't just break Orlando's record 2014 haul of 62 points; the Red Bulls racked up 63 points in 28 games - they beat Orlando on Orlando's terms.

And they did so with an unbalanced schedule. NYRB II had to play an extra away game to allow Red Bull Arena to nurture its playing surface, so its 28 games comprise 15 on the road and 13 at home.

That is a record - most points gained in a regular season by a team playing more games away than at home - that may never be broken.