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What has happened to Junior Flemmings?

Almost certainly, he is injured.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

If you've watched any New York Red Bulls II games this season, you have probably noticed Junior Flemmings.

If you've watched several NYRB II games this season, you may have formed a stronger attachment.

The 20-year-old Jamaican has not yet entirely fulfilled the promise of the potential described by his schoolboy career in Jamaica. He will hope to achieve more as a professional than a quality season in USL. But he has had a quality season to date: seven goals and four assists in 23 appearances, and an increasingly visible presence as one of the best attacking players on the field whenever selected.

In the last few weeks, he appears to have found the balance of confidence, fitness, and familiarity with team and tactics that we call "peak form". He has been outstanding and irrepressible for NYRB II. And he is also now part of soccer history. He is the answer to the question "Who was the first player to draw a decision made after referee consultation with video replay in a professional soccer match?"

NYRB II has five games left to play in its regular season, and then it has playoffs. Junior Flemmings injury?

That sounds ominous.

Sounds a lot like an injury.

No response yet from the New York Red Bulls to a request for official word on Flemmings' status. But it is to be hoped he will at least be able to participate in NYRB II's post-season.

Get well soon, Junior. (If you are injured; which it seems like you probably are.)