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Report: NYCFC can't count - and can't tell the truth about Frank Lampard

Oh, look - our neighbors have been misleading about Frank Lampard again.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Remember "Frank Lampard Day"? It was September 1, 2016 - you might have known it as Thursday. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio issued a special proclamation to commemorate the event of Frank Lampard's 300th career goal.

Lamps was presented with all manner of special goodies prior to NYCFC's match against D.C. United on the evening of his special day. And the midfielder celebrated by scoring twice to lead his team to another three points.

Congrats, Mr. Lampa...oh, wait. Turns out "Frank Lampard Day" was a touch premature.

Fittingly for a player whose arrival at NYCFC was also prematurely announced, it turns out his special day wasn't as special as at first believed.

Sky Sports gets the credit for revealing a counting error. A Lampard goal for West Ham in a voided League Cup match back in 1999 was the culprit - it shouldn't have been counted, but it was, and the rest is another episode in the glorious history of NYCFC's PR misadventures. The celebration of Lampard's 300th career goal was actually a celebration of his 299th, because NYCFC can't count.

Yes, Lampard did score his actual 300th goal in the match against DC. But don't think you can hide behind serendipity, NYCFC - we see what you did. Again.

Is there a New York Red Bulls connection here beyond the simple pleasure of laughing at the slapstick antics of our day-late-dollar-short (or rather, only-occasionally-capable-of-speaking-truths-about-Frank-Lampard) neighbors?

There is not. Well, maybe there isn't. Who went out of their way to prove NYCFC wrong? Sky Sports.

Who works for Sky Sports? Thierry Henry.

You may recall Henry scored his 400th career goal while at the New York Red Bulls. He celebrated it like this:

That's how you acknowledge a career milestone. Watch and learn, NYCFC. And count better.