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After the USL regular season title, New York Red Bulls II chasing USL regular season records

The title is clinched, but there are still a few things NYRB II can claim from the USL regular season.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

USL only counts its history back to the 2011 season, so New York Red Bulls II is just the fourth club to win the league's regular season championship. (Orlando City won it three times before departing for MLS; Richmond Kickers and Rochester Rhinos are the other two teams to have won the league.)

Before NYRB II shifts attention to the USL playoffs, however, it still has three regular season games to play. And that means the team has a shot at a few more league records, as noted by the club's official review of its title-clinching game.

NYRB II's 2016 league title run has already made some USL history: first fully-fledged MLS reserve team to be crowned regular season champion; a new league record for away wins in the regular season (12 - and counting).

But there are a few more attainable records before the league campaign concludes. First, and most likely, NYRB II could set a new USL record for points, wins, and goals scored in the regular season.

The points and wins record should fall sooner rather than later for the simple reason that they were set in 2014 when the USL season was 28 games. Orlando City picked up 62 points and 19 wins from its 28 games that year. NYRB II has 62 points and 19 wins from 27 matches played so far.

Since USL is now on a 30-game season (and will expand to 32 games next year), OCSC's record should fall in the near future, by virtue of the fact that there are more games to be won and points to be gained than were available in 2014. NYRB II is the winner of the first (and perhaps only, if USL keeps expanding) 30-game season the league has had, so it would be no surprise if it was the team to set a new high for points and wins. It needs just one more of each from its remaining three games.

Also up for grabs: the league's regular season record for goals scored. In that category, NYRB II again trails Orlando's 2014 squad, which posted 56 goals in its 28 games. The Back-up Bulls have 54 from 27 at the moment. Just three from three games required to set a new record.

Finally, and a little harder to reach, there is Rochester Rhinos' single-season shutouts record. Last year, again over 28 games, the Rhinos posted 17 clean sheets. That was in the context of an extraordinary defensive record: Rochester conceded just 15 goals (also a record for USL) in the regular season, and lost just one game. (In the playoffs, the Rhinos conceded one goal in three matches en route to a USL Cup and League double.)

Fittingly, perhaps, it will be Rochester that gets to put its clean sheets record out of NYRB II's reach, since it is Rochester that NYRB II plays next.

If the reserve Red Bulls can manage three shutouts in their remaining three games, they break the Rhinos' record. And the first team they need to shut out will be Rochester in Rochester on September 10.