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Report: Jamie Clarke doesn't know where that New York Red Bulls rumor came from either

But he will be playing soccer in New York this year.

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Jamie Clarke, the Gaelic footballer briefly linked to the New York Red Bulls, has joined a soccer club in New York. He will play for New York Shamrocks in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League.

In an interview with the Irish Voice, Clarke addressed the surprising rumor connecting him to RBNY: "I have no idea where the story came from."

He went on to explain that his attachment to NY Shamrocks was formed almost as soon as he arrived in New York, so it is not as though he has been roaming the streets of the city seeking soccer opportunities.

The Clarke-to-RBNY was swiftly and comprehensively denied by Red Bulls' head coach Jesse Marsch about a week ago. Now it is denied by the man on the other end of the story.

Where it came from, we may never know. But if you are curious to see what a GAA star brings to the soccer field, Clarke is expected to play for the Shamrocks on Sunday, September 11.