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Report: Terrence Boyd doesn't want to go on loan this season

The RB Leipzig forward isn't giving much away about his next move, but he has said is not interested in that move being a loan.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Terrence Boyd had a long chat with Mitteldeutsche Zeitung at RB Leipzig's winter training camp in Portugal. The 25-year-old covered a number of topics in the interview, including his long road back to fitness after injury problems that caused him to contemplate retirement.

But he deftly ducked speculation about his future, preferring to leave such matters to "RB and my adviser" while he focuses on training. Boyd is expected to leave Leipzig, at the latest when his contract expires this summer. But he appears willing to wait for that moment:

Now I'm going to work here, and then we'll see what happens in the summer. It could also happen that something happened in winter. But I do not know that yet.

With regard to specific options, he has been linked to MLS - the New York Red Bullsspecifically - and, more recently, Huddersfield Town. He acknowledged those rumors, but gave no indication he was expecting any immediate move away from Leipzig: "In the case of change, however, everything must be right for all parties," he told MZ.

One thing he is sure about: he doesn't want a quick loan out for the rest of the time he has under contract with Leipzig.

No, this is not required. I have no desire to move, if I would have to do that again in the summer. If I was to go, I'd like to go.

So if there is a club hoping to snap him up in January, it looks like it will have to be on the basis of a transfer rather than a loan. Otherwise, Boyd seems quite comfortable with the fact his injury has pushed him down the depth chart at Leipzig and his opportunities for first team minutes will likely be limited for the foreseeable future.