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Report: AC Milan's Leonel Vangioni is not, and never was, a New York Red Bulls transfer target

Another RBNY transfer rumor is laid to rest.

Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Remember the rumor connecting AC Milan's under-used leftback Leonel Vangioni to the New York Red Bulls? It's the one that got started with a Tweeted request for information and bounced around the rumor-mill's echo chamber until it started to resemble a story. It was never particularly convincing (RBNY doesn't need a left back nearly as much as it needs to fill other positions on the roster, and it certainly doesn't need one who would presumably expect to be a starter), and even the rumor-mongers didn't seem to give it a lot of attention.

Presently, it is the rumor mill's opinion that Vangioni will be settling in at Olympique Marseille some time this month. What about RBNY?

Forget about RBNY. Kristian Dyer reports for Metro (no relation) that "a source close to the team" advises Vangioni was never on the Red Bulls' transfer radar.

Wherever the Argentine left back ends up this winter, don't look for him at Red Bull Arena.