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Report: Alejandro Bernal training with Atletico Nacional and Juan Pablo Angel

His club says there is an offer from MLS, but nothing has been settled - and the local press doesn't think Bernal will be leaving Colombia at all, when and if he leaves Atletico Nacional.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Though it would appear almost the entirety of Colombia's soccer media expects him to move on shortly, Alejandro Bernal participated in Atletico Nacional's opening training session of 2017, watched by Juan Pablo Angel, who has joined the club's coaching staff.

Bernal is tipped to join Millonarios by several outlets, including ESPN, but FutbolRed reports club exec Victor Marulanda explained the player's presence in training by stating there is an MLS offer under consideration. With negotiations between Millonarios and Atletico Nacional reportedly (per ESPN) stalled on the question of whether Bernal is to be loaned or transferred, the mention of other offers may have more to do with jockeying for leverage in those negotiations than any serious intent for the player to move outside Colombia.

Although the notion Bernal is considering a move to MLS has stuck around, the specific suggestion that it is RBNY that is chasing him has not found much traction. Indeed, any specific club from MLS would appear to be lacking from this rumor, which increasingly looks like a story being used to encourage Millonarios to get closer to Atletico Nacional's position in their discussions about the term of the player's proposed move from Medellin to Bogota.