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Jesse Marsch is back with the New York Red Bulls

RBNY's runaway head coach is returned.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

One day, New York Red Bulls fans will look back on the build-up to the 2017 season and laugh about the fact that the biggest story of the January transfer season was the short-lived rumor head coach Jesse Marsch was leaving the team.

To help us toward that day, RBNY Comms' Andrew Vazzano graciously provides a little video evidence of Marsch's return to the welcome embrace of his colleagues - and the only slightly creepy attentions of a second cameraman whose intentions may or may not become clear in some future MLS-related video content.

Mostly what we learn from this peek at the life of Jesse Marsch is that he likes to travel disguised as a northern European industrial designer, and he is an enthusiastic back-slapper.

Welcome back, Jesse. We were worried about you.

The coach returns just in time for Draft Day, and just after sporting director Ali Curtis has abruptly left LA (where MLS is gathered for its annual SuperDraft) to return to NJ "due to unforeseeable circumstances" (per Kristian Dyer for Metro).

RBNY and its jet-lagged head coach hold the 17th, 39th and 61st picks in the draft - though only their first two selections will be exercised on January 13.