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Rumor: Terrence Boyd set to join Huddersfield Town on two-year contract

But it should be noted that the same outlet reporting that is also reporting he's got interest from clubs in Germany.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Bild spent an eventful Saturday effectively having a conversation with itself about Terrence Boyd. The German outlet, rarely silent on the issue of significant soccer transfer rumors, issued a confident report stating that the RB Leipzig forward - known to be seeking a new club - will join Huddersfield Town on a contract set to run to 2019.

In support of this story: Boyd's time at Leipzig is more or less up; he has said he doesn't want a loan deal (which would only last until the summer when his RBL contract expires), so the reported contract with Huddersfield fits his preferred profile for a January move; he used to work with Terriers head coach David Wagner at Borussia Dortmund; Huddersfield has been linked with a move for Boyd for several weeks now. And Wagner told the press he was in the market for one more player earlier this week, without disclosing either the name or even the position of the man being considered, and also noting that deal was not a certainty to be done.

It's a rumor that has a lot going for it, including the support of at least one Huddersfield fan who enjoys spending time on Wikipedia.

Against the rumor, for the moment, is the fact it doesn't seem to have received much support from the rest of the German press. And...well...Bild again: a same-day story suggests Huddersfield has competition from Ingolstadt and Darmstadt. And has spotted news of interest in the player from Karlsruher and Kaiserslautern.

Absent entirely from the rumors around Boyd is any mention of the New York Red Bulls. It is known that he visited RBNY in December, and it is known that head coach Jesse Marsch was with RB Leipzig at the same Portugal training camp Boyd attended last week. But all Marsch brought back from Portugal was a rumor that he was chasing Oscar Garcia's job in Salzburg (a rumor, eventually, denied by RBNY).

And shortly, if Bild is correct, Boyd will be off to Huddersfield - putting a definitive end to yet another RBNY transfer rumor.