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Rumor: No Millonarios move for Atletico Nacional's Alejandro Bernal

Guessing this means the rumor he's coming to MLS (and RBNY) will be back soon.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor that Atletico Nacional's Alejandro Bernal may be on his way to MLS - and specifically the New York Red Bulls - faded relatively quickly, seemingly crowded out by the notion that the player was close to agreeing a move to Millonarios.

But news out of Colombia now suggest that negotiations between Millonarios and Atletico Nacional have foundered irrevocably. In a widely echoed report, HSB Noticias advises the Bernal transfer to Millonarios "seems to be completely ruled out". The nature of the transaction is reportedly the issue: Nacional wants a sale; Millonarios "barely offered a loan".

More news is sure to follow. If the deal is truly dead, then the rumor mill can be expected to quickly move on to a new proposed destination for Bernal. While much of the Colombian press was predicting the player would move to Millonarios, FutbolRed reported Bernal was still training with Atletico Nacional because an offer from MLS had not yet been formalized.

We might be hearing more about Bernal's possible move to MLS shortly.