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New York Red Bulls 2017 home jersey leaked, maybe

Could be RBNY's next home kit. Could be not.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2015, the New York Red Bulls launched a new home jersey.  In 2017, in keeping with the every-other-year policy MLS teams tend to follow for new kits, it is anticipated RBNY might refresh its home colors with a new look.

The first leaked inkling of what such a jersey might look like trickled out on the same day as the Red Bulls were busy batting away rumors of Jesse Marsch's departure for Salzburg (convincingly denied by Marsch using the fact he was not in Salzburg as evidence of his not taking the head coach position at RB's Austrian club) and drafting legendary speech-maker Zeiko Lewis.

Kit-watching experts provided a look at the new jersey on January 13, though prior to that piece's publication, Once A Metro contributor Fernando Gonzalez had found what purported to be RBNY's 2017 home jersey for sale in Singapore.

Weston Corp (Singapore's Premier Soccer Soccer Store, it says here) is still suggesting it can provide the RBNY-2017-jersey-that-RBNY-hasn't-announced for S$92, which is about US$64.35 at current exchange rates. You can pick up a 2016 jersey from the Red Bull store online for $69.99.

Fernando Gonzalez, meanwhile, did a little scouting of Weston's other MLS New York jersey offering.

As he says, won't know until we know. And when we do, perhaps someone will explain what the stripes are supposed to represent.