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Reports: Terrence Boyd "not feasible" for Darmstadt; David Wagner admits Huddersfield Town's interest

And the New York Red Bulls seem to have entirely dropped out of sight in this rumor.

Christian Hofer/Getty Images

It is know that Terrence Boyd's future does not lie with RB Leipzig. The player will leave the club either in the current transfer window, or when his contract expires in the summer. He has said he will wait until he is out of contract if necessary, since a loan deal for half a season does not appeal. Boyd seems to know exactly what he wants: more than a few months at which to prove himself with a new team. The rumor mill, however, can't seem to make up its mind.

On January 18, Guido Schafer reported for Leipziger Volkszeitung that Boyd and Huddersfield Town had failed to reach agreement on contract terms, and that Darmstadt might be an option for the player. On January 19, Michael Ebert reported for Kicker that Darmstadt had also been unable to get a deal done with Boyd - "it was not feasible," head coach Torsten Frings told the German magazine.

The Kicker report did suggest that perhaps Darmstadt might look at Boyd again now Huddersfield had dropped out of the race. Unfortunately for Darmstadt, Huddersfield might not be out of the race at all: January 19 was also the day the Huddersfield Daily Examiner reported Terriers' head coach David Wagner had acknowledged that the Leipzig player was one of several January-window options being considered by the club.

So Huddersfield isn't entirely out of this picture. Nor, perhaps, is Darmstadt. And Ingolstadt, Karlsruhe, and Kaiserslautern have also made relatively recent visits to the gossip surrounding Boyd. The New York Red Bulls were once part of this rumor too, but now it seems's Matt Doyle stands alone in trying to keep that whisper alive:

Doyle is now without his own sources. If RBNY does re-enter the frame, credit the MLS man for spotting what the rest of the media following this story doesn't seem to be noticing at all.