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New York Red Bulls sign goalkeeper Rafael Diaz

RBNY now has four goalkeepers on its roster.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As suggested by his representation a few weeks ago, Rafael Diaz has signed a contract with the New York Red Bulls. The club (finally) got around to announcing the deal on January 24.

The deal is well-earned. For two seasons, Diaz has been NYRB II's back-up 'keeper. He filled a similar role for Orlando City (in USL at the time) in 2014. For the II team, his rare appearances have suggested a player more-than-capable of taking the starting job. In 2016, he played just five games for NYRB II, allowing only two goals and keeping three clean sheets. He looked ready to start regularly in USL in 2016, and surely has earned a shot at that for 2017.

But the 25-year-old has not signed with NYRB II. His new contract is with the MLS side of RBNY. Goalkeeper Evan Louro has already been declared to have signed a Homegrown Player deal with RBNY; Ryan Meara re-signed with the first team in December; Luis Robles is the incumbent MLS starter for the Red Bulls. Diaz looks a lot like the fourth goalkeeper on the RBNY MLS roster - which seems like one too many for a squad that has limited space and need for depth at multiple positions (center back, most urgently).

The USL team currently has no 'keepers on its roster, though players will certainly be loaned to the reserve squad throughout the season. Certainly, RBNY has an abundant supply of goalkeepers at hand for 2017.