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Junior Flemmings went to the dentist

Good to see he's looking after himself in the off-season.

Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

We haven't heard much about New York Red Bulls II's Junior Flemmings recently, mostly because he finished the 2016 season injured and players nursing long-term injuries often keep a relatively low profile. We know Flemmings will be back with NYRB II next season, or at least that his contract option with the USL club was picked up. We'll find out in preseason how well he has recovered from the injury that curtailed his 2016, and whether he is destined for another year in USL or a shot at contributing to the first team's season in MLS.

Until then, we don't know much about Flemmings' progress back to full fitness and top form. But we do know he's looking after his teeth. Per a recent Facebook post by All Smiles Dental Care in Kingston, Jamaica, Flemmings is looking well.

All smiles, indeed. Hope to see you back and smiling in Harrison soon, Junior.