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CONCACAF sets schedule for 2017 Gold Cup play-in series between Haiti and Nicaragua

The home-and-away series now has a set schedule.

For reasons that no doubt make sense to CONCACAF, the details of the tussle for the last remaining place at the 2017 Gold Cup are being revealed gradually. The dates were set first - and now the order of the home-and-away series has been determined.

So we already knew that Haiti and Nicaragua will play two games to decide which of them will qualify for the 2017 Gold Cup. And we knew those two games would be played on March 24 and March 28. Now we know that the first leg will be in Haiti and the second in Nicaragua.

The Member Associations (i.e. the Haitian and Nicaraguan football federations) will confirm venues and kick-off times.

Conventional wisdom is that the team playing the second leg at home in series like this has the advantage. CONCACAF decided the order of these games with a draw - and Nicaragua got the luck of it.

But Les Grenadiers and (if selected) New York Red Bulls' Derrick Etienne know what they have to do: make the first leg in Haiti count on March 24.