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Report: Michael Amir Murillo says "the media know nothing" about his future

The alleged RBNY signing is saying nothing about anything to do with his future.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Panama's TVMAX reached out to Michael Amir Murillo via its SomosLaSele site, asking the player about his imminent transfer to the New York Red Bulls. Murillo offered an emphatic reply: "But who said I'm going to MLS? Who told you? And sorry, I cannot answer anything you ask me."

If you thought that was ambiguous, there's more: "The media know nothing and publish things without knowing. I will not talk about it."

The soon-to-be-21-year-old has been reported to have agreed a one-year, loan-with-option-to-buy deal with RBNY. He has not featured in the last two matches his current club - Panama's San Francisco FC - has played. RPC TV has reported the deal with RBNY will be finalized on February 10 and should be announced shortly thereafter.

If Murillo does indeed make the move to the Red Bulls, local reporters should consider themselves duly warned: he's a player who won't hesitate to speak his mind, even when he's being asked to speak about something he's probably not allowed to speak about at all.