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Report: San Francisco executive says Amir Murillo deal with MLS is "very advanced"

Murillo's not talking, but his club's execs seem happy enough to go on the record to discuss the players potential move to RBNY.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Amir Murillo may have told TV MAX's SomosLaSele that "the media know nothing" with regard to reports suggesting he's on his way out of Panama's San Francisco FC to join the New York Red Bulls. But Julio Quijano is vice-president of San Francisco, and he shared a little insight into the player's situation with SomosLaSele:

It is very advanced with MLS. Everything seems to indicate that he is leaving. The Americans are very bureaucratic, the procedures are slow. We no longer want to use the player to avoid a potential injury.

Murillo has not played in the last couple of San Francisco games for which he was available - a matter of particular relevance to the conversation Quijano was having with SomosLaSele as it was largely about whether the club's head coach, Mike Stump, would be fired for a slow start to the new season. Quijano was explaining the coach has had to deal with a number of personnel issues beyond his control, including international call-ups and players - like Murillo - who may shortly be transferring out of the squad.

Whatever Stump's problems, however, his club is clearly not minded to let league results interfere with its desire to see its players advance their careers. Per Quijano to SomosLaSele:

It goes in a very attractive contract for the club. These are very interesting conditions. I would go on loan. Very well paid. In San Francisco, we give young players a lot of opportunity.

Assuming the MLS bureaucracy doesn't torpedo the deal, Murillo will be joining a team with a similar outlook to the one he is leaving: RBNY also gives young players opportunity.