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Report: Gonzalo Veron out for New York Red Bulls against Houston Dynamo

Still no Gonzalo for RBNY.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It is the beginning of a new MLS season, so of course Gonzalo Veron is injured. This was the case in 2016, his first full season with the New York Red Bulls, and it is the case in 2017. Veron limped out of the second leg of RBNY's CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal against Vancouver Whitecaps on March 2, and he hasn't played for the team since.

No timetable was given for his recovery, but it seems every week Jesse Marsch issues an optimistic report on the progress of the talented but fragile Veron. This week is no different. After training on Tuesday, March 28, Marsch told reporters he hoped Veron might be ready to play again by the time RBNY plays Orlando on April 9.

He will start for sure field work on Thursday. He's spending two days in there then we think Thursday he'll be able t start on fieldwork and we'll see how that goes and then think about whether he can be integrated in training on Friday, with an eye on not the Houston game but the Orlando game as a potential for him to start to return to play.

As it happens, RBNY will be out of sight of the media on Friday as it is also the day the team travels to Houston for its match on Saturday - so we'll likely have to wait until next week's training sessions to learn how Veron is progressing toward the goal of being considered for minutes against Orlando.