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Report: New York Red Bulls' Gonzalo Veron is almost back from Argentina

We're back to the "things are looking up" part of the infinite loop of Veron's injury/recovery cycle.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by Kristian Dyer, the New York Red Bulls' Gonzalo Veron is almost back home.

Fret not at all about the fact RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch had said Veron would be returned from Argentina on Monday, April 10. Marsch probably doesn't make travel arrangements for his players, and estimates of Veron's progress back from the injury he sustained on March 2 have been a great deal more off-target than the difference between April 10 and April 11. The last time Marsch suggested Veron would be back in training imminently, the player ended up in Argentina rather than the Red Bull Training Facility.

It is that trip to Argentina - to visit a specialist who was thought likely to be able to assist with the treatment of an injury once thought to be minor - from which Veron is now returning.

Anticipate further updates on Veron's progress as the week progresses.

Marsch's statement that the player will be resuming training is significant: it was an apparent inability to get back into training after a few weeks of treatment and recovery that sent Veron to Argentina in the first place. If the player is indeed now ready to get back to working out with his teammates, then RBNY might want to consider bringing the specialist he went to see to the club on a full-time basis. There are still a couple of injury issues vexing the Red Bulls - Mike Grella is currently out for the latest effort to cure an issue that has been bothering him since last year, and Gideon Baah has been abruptly shut down for the season.

Maybe RBNY needs a little more of the sort of advice Veron was able to get in Argentina.

Of course, we have heard several optimistic reports on Veron's recovery. Best to believe he is better when he is next playing competitive minutes for the Red Bulls, and not a moment before.