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Report: Bradley Wright-Phillips scored New York Red Bulls' 1000th MLS regular-season goal

There is one reason not to forget RBNY's 4-1 loss to Houston in April, 2017.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports is a gift to New York Red Bulls fans for many reasons. One of those reasons is the site's comprehensive and meticulous attention to RBNY records, milestones and achievements. And an example of that is MetroFanatic's ongoing monitoring of RBNY's milestone goals.

When the 2017 regular season kicked off, it was noted on the MetroFanatic message boards that RBNY was just five goals shy of its 1000th league goal. The fifth goal of the current season would have historic significance for the club, even if it wasn't particularly important to the game in which it was scored. And it turned out that the Red Bulls' 1000th league goal was ultimately only worth celebrating for its milestone status: it was RBNY's lone tally in a lackluster 4-1 loss to Houston Dynamo.

On the bright side, the goal was scored by the club's all-time top scorer, Bradley Wright-Phillips. And it was in many ways an archetypal BWP strike.

When he's in peak scoring form - such as he was in 2014 - BWP has tended score a lot of goals like that: follow a pass into the right channel, track the ball until the moment is right, and make his first touch the finishing touch. It's a signature scoring style RBNY fans have been enjoying since Wright-Phillips' breakout season for the club in 2014.

So it's fitting that the team's 1000th regular-season goal of all time is one scored in classic fashion by its (current) all-time top-scorer.

If you're thinking the Red Bulls already scored their 1000th goal, you're not wrong: the team's 1000th goal in all competitions was scored by Mike Grella in 2015. It was memorable in its own right:

Congratulations on your latest landmark goal, BWP and RBNY - and thanks for keeping track of these things, Metrofanatic.