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Armando Lozano has (designed) new shoes

The A5 collection for Marquissio; designed by Armando (who prefers to wear #5 when he's playing soccer).

David Ramos/Getty Images

For one glorious season, New York Red Bulls fans got to enjoy the languid charm of Armando. Sadly, he was part of the club's post-Petke clear-out and, after a memorable few months creating magnificent Instagram art, the Spanish defender joined Elche in his home country's second division.

Armando hasn't played a great deal for Elche this season, and perhaps that is why he has found the time to express himself in other ways. The effortlessly elegant center back has teamed up with Elche-based shoemaker Marquissio to produce a limited edition line of footwear.

Armando's A5 collection offers two basic designs, which are clearly variations on the same theme: Italy and stars.

Why is a Spanish center back designing star-studded, Italian shoes? Why not? Armando does what Armando chooses to do. And he does it well.

Gracias, Armando.