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Reports: Sebastian Giovinco and Nick Hagglund will miss Toronto FC's trip to Red Bull Arena

Unfortunately for RBNY, TFC has proven itself rather good at making do without its first-choice lineup.

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC will be without star-man Sebastian Giovinco for its next game - against New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on Friday, May 19. An official announcement from the club states Giovinco suffered a quad strain during TFC's 3-2 win over Minnesota United on May 13, and he is expected to be sidelined for about three weeks.

Further, starting center-back Nick Hagglund is reported to have torn his MCL during the Minnesota game. He has been ruled out for up to 12 weeks.

Per The Globe and Mail, the other apparent casualty of TFC's hard-fought win over Minnesota - defender Jason Hernandez - was attributable to food poisoning and should not have any lasting effect.

And Toronto FC still hasn't risked defender Drew Moor in a match since he was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat in mid-April. But Moor is reportedly back in training and it has been repeatedly stated that there is no expectation the condition will prevent him from continuing his career.

While the absence of Hagglund and Giovinco will test TFC's depth, it cannot be ignored that the club aced the most recent test of its roster strength. Toronto played five league games between April 28 and May 13 - and it won them all, including back-to-back road wins over Seattle and Columbus on May 6 and May 10 respectively.

Even a tired and weakened Toronto has been too strong for its opponents recently. TFC is on a six-game winning streak, and it most of those wins have come in the context of a crowded schedule and near-constant squad rotation.

The Red Bulls will be as pleased as any team in MLS not to have to worry about facing Giovinco, but it still has to worry about playing Toronto - and Toronto has given the rest of the league a lot to worry about in recent weeks.