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Feuerstein’s Fire #326 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Talk here at Once A Metro

American Soccer Talk on Feuerstein’s Fire

Welcome back to another episode of the best American Soccer Show on the internet, the live streaming show for two hours as I discuss what’s going on in all leagues of American Soccer. Tonight at 8PM EDT - 5PM PDT

We head over to the Mid-West where Sporting Kansas City is doing a great job becoming one of the toughest sides in the Western Conference as a new member of The Blue Testament but an old voice rejoins me to discuss the club.

Formerly of the Down the Byline blog is Mike Kuhn as he joins the SB Nation family discussing Sporting Kansas City and what’s going on with the club. Mike Kuhn is one of my colleagues who does a fantastic job discussing this club either as the Wizards or Sporting KC. Very excited to have him with us.

Also joining me from the SB Nation family discussing this quick turn around of the Philadelphia Union is the managing editor from the Brotherly Game in Eugene Rupinski.

After the three goal clean sheet win over the New York Red Bulls, the Union went to RFK Stadium and thumped DC United four goals to nil and maybe this could be the turnaround that the Union needed to move forward and maybe challenge the East.

But there is still plenty of season left to see which way the Union can turn, either it’s climbing up the ladder of the East or remaining at the bottom. We shall see what this side from Philly will do and what Earnie Stewart & Jim Curtain will do during the season.

Another recap of the second division leagues of US Soccer & we have to discuss this terrible performance by the New York Red Bulls at Home as they lose against the Los Angeles Galaxy, but somehow were able to break the clean sheet on Brian Rowe as they fall 3-1.

MIKE KUHN: From SB Nation’s The Blue Testament on Sporting KC
EUGENE RUPINSKI: From SB Nation’s Brotherly Game on the Philadelphia Union
2ND DIVISION RECAP: Discussing both the NASL & USL matches on the weekend
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the Red Bulls sides getting swept by the Galaxy