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Tell us why you're a fan of...

...New York Red Bulls, NYRB II, RBNY U-23s, Sky Blue FC, FC Motown, Ocean City Nor'easters - a lot of teams have appeared on this blog, some more regularly than others. Tell us why your team is your team and why.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that Big SB Nation - the behemoth sports blog network of which Once A Metro is but a particle - has given itself a makeover. And that means OaM has a makeover too!

While we're all getting used to the new look, SBN has a fun idea: tell us why you're here in the first place. OaM is a fan site: for fans, by fans, very occasionally about fans. This blog is focused on the New York Red Bulls, but it is also a safe haven for Sky Blue FC fans, and those who give their time and attention to RBNY-related teams like NYRB II and the RBNY U-23s. And sometimes we roam a little off-piste, getting to know other local clubs - like FC Motown or the Ocean City Nor'easters.

It's all soccer (except that time it was rugby), all local soccer (except for those times we get distracted by what's happening with cousins Leipzig and Salzburg) - all for you. And you, dear reader, we assume to be a fan of one, some, or all of the teams that get attention from this corner of the internet?

So why are you a fan of....that team you're a fan of that brings you to OaM? (Which is probably RBNY or SBFC, but we're not here to judge.)

Tell us by writing a Fan Post. Title that post "Why I'm a fan of [team name here]" and that is also your entry to a SBN-backed sweepstakes that will see someone win something.

How to write a Fan Post? Glad you asked.

Head on over to new-look OaM's home page, click on "FanPosts", then "New FanPost", and then write what is in your heart about your favorite team (which we're going to assume is a team this site covers).

Note: if you haven't already signed up to our community, you'll have to do so in order to post.

Here's the link to our FanPost section. "New FanPost" is on the left. Tell us why you're a fan. Tell us a story. (In less than 800 words, ideally.)

Oh, and this is the part of the whole sweepstakes rules and what-not the lawyers say it's important we mention at every opportunity:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  SB Nation Why Are You a Fan Reader Sweepstakes starts on 8:00am ET on May 25, 2017 and ends at 11:59pm ET on June 8, 2017. Open only to eligible legal residents of the United States, 18 years or older. Click here for Official Rules and complete details, including entry instructions, odds of winning, alternative method of entry, prize details and restrictions, etc.  Void where prohibited or restricted by law.  Sponsor: Vox Media, Inc.