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Report: Douglas Martinez joining Honduras Men's U-20 training camp on May 9

Martinez's brief club-vs-country tussle is resolved.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Eduardo Solano reports that Douglas Martinez will join the Honduras Men's U-20 World Cup training camp on May 9.

In an interview with Solano after officially signing with New York Red Bulls II, the young Honduran forward had stated he was in the midst of a club-vs-country tug-of-war, with his national team wanting him in camp for U-20 World Cup preparations before May 10 and NYRB II preferring he stayed with his club side until after its game against LA Galaxy II on May 14.

The matter would appear to be resolved. Martinez will join his national team as requested, in the name of putting in the best performance he and his team can muster at the U-20 World Cup in South Korea.

The Red Bulls' other U-20 World Cup hopeful, Tyler Adams, has already joined his national team's pre-tournament training camp per an announcement from RBNY.

The two Red Bulls could face off at the World Cup under a number of scenarios. One of the less improbable: if the USA wins its group and Honduras is runner-up in Group E, the teams will meet in the Round of 16 on June 1.