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Feuerstein’s Fire #332 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Talk is back and some Red Bulls too.

Feuerstein’s Fire on Once a Metro

Back again here on Once a Metro for the American Soccer Show that has real heart and passion for the game and for the players who wants to make this sport special. But today’s show will have a somber moment as we remember a head coach for the women’s game that recently passed away.

Tonight’s opening hour I will be discussing Tony DiCicco who was the head coach of the US Women’s National Team and was leading his side to the 1999 Women’s World Cup Championship that was held on American Soil.

I will have two men who knew about Tony and knew how he can manage the game for the Women as I will have on legendary American Soccer Writer Michael Lewis who covered him and former Rutgers Women’s Head Coach and current NYCFC Radio Analyst on WFAN 660AM & 101.9FM in Glenn Crooks.

These men will join me as we remember Tony DiCicco and what he did to help women’s soccer in this country, what drove him to get the best out of his players and what Michael remembers about covering Tony during National Team games.

Then the Red Bulls Hour where sadly we have to give credit to NYFCF for defeating the boys in Red. Joining me will be Michael Anderer who is one of the hosts of Blue City Radio and he will be joining me to give me his opinions on the match.


TONY DiCICCO REMEMBERED: Michael Lewis of NY Newsday & Front Row Soccer, Glenn Crooks former Rutgers Women’s Head Coach and NYCFC Radio Analyst on WFAN
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the two goal clean sheet loss at Red Bull Arena with Michael Anderer of Blue City Radio and post match audio.