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When a Whale becomes a Troll.

How the New York Red Bulls were able to troll NYCFC for moving a home game out of Yankee Stadium

The old Hartford Whalers Mascot visits Red Bull Arena

So as we all know these fans who support the blue side of NYC Soccer are always chanting and singing about how the Red Bulls play all their home games on the western side of the Hudson River. Every chance they get either at the matches or on Social Media to continue to bring up that same old boring excuse.

But while these fans can travel by Subway with the old IRT #4 train on the Jerome Ave. Line and the IND D train on the Grand Concourse Line to these games it’s nothing to brag about because you can still take a train service to Red Bull Arena by PATH or transfer into Newark from NJ Transit Rail.

But no matter how you perceive this rivalry there is only one thing that beats the new kids on the block and that will be a stadium that is meant for the sport in this country and the ability to plan events at your leisure.

That of course is having Red Bull Arena built as the only venue to properly host Soccer/football and you don’t need almost three days to cover the infield dirt and convert a baseball field into a soccer field.

On Thursday, May 25th the twenty percent ownership of NYCFC who are the twenty-seven time World Series Champions of Major League Baseball in the New York Yankees had to cancel a game against the Kansas City Royals due to a huge rain storm and a make up date had to be scheduled.

So when MLB decided to assign a make up date it would fall on Monday, September 25th meaning the Yankees lose a day of rest on the final week of the regular season, this also means that NYCFC loses a home game because the Yankees of course own their own baseball stadium.

So when news came out that NYCFC was going to move there home game North of the Bronx and in the State of Connecticut, all those chants have now become silent. For the very first time in the history of MLS a league match will be played in East Hartford, Connecticut which will be at the home of UCONN’s college football team.

So the best troll job was just conducted before and during the match and it was the best thing I have ever seen within this short history of the NYC Derby. As everyone knows the Hartford Whalers are the defunct NHL franchise that was moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and are now the Carolina Hurricanes.

So let’s play the good old theme song the Brass Bonanza

Great Tifo by the South Ward of Red Bull Arena that shows the check list of where Stadium Ideas were rejected till the last one was accepted.

Wait one minute. Is that Puckie the Whale the former mascot of the Hartford Whalers inside the tunnel?

During half time Puckie came by to visit the press inside Red Bull Arena and being a big hockey fan that I am, I just had to have a picture with this superstar.

So at the end of the day, yes the blue side does play in the Bronx and yes their supporters can travel by Subway to the home games., but the one thing they can’t control is when the Yankees need to make up a game due to rain and their other side needs to find a proper venue.

This is the third season of NYCFC’s existence and it looks like that promise to build a stadium within their first three year period has already expired, so we shall see what will happen when another rain out at the Stadium kicks out their MLS side.

Oh and just to finish up I am a Whale fan, such wonderful creatures swimming in the oceans and how majestic they are, plus I also enjoy a cross promotion of whales when it’s done in good taste.